Burst Rifle vs. Assault Rifle (Fortnite: Battle Royale)


In Fortnite: Battle Royale, most knockdowns happen within mid to close range battles. Therefore, getting your hands on an assault rifle early on is the first step towards a victory royale. The most common assault rifles found in the game are the burst rifle and the assault rifle. Taking rarity out of the picture, generally the assault rifle is more sought after than the burst. However, when taking all things into account is it really the superior weapon? Let’s find out.

Things to consider:

  • We will compare the two weapons based on the same rarity: uncommon(green)
  • Specs may vary with future patches

Assault Rifle



According to IGN and Metabomb, currently the green or uncommon assault rifle does a maximum of 31 damage per shot and 181.5 damage per second(these numbers will vary depending on where the shot lands).


Just like the burst rifle, the assault rifle holds 30 rounds per magazine.


Judging accuracy for any weapon in Fortnite is not an exact science. Because of course accuracy is largely up to the player’s aiming ability.

However, in terms of distance, recoil, and ease-of-use, the assault rifle is superior in all 3 categories.

Players can spray with the assault rifle at close range and even at long-range players might hit a shot or two when spraying. The same cannot be said for the burst rifle.

Burst Rifle



According to IGN and Metabomb, currently the green or uncommon burst rifle does a maximum of 29 damage per shot and 117.9 damage per second(again this will vary depending on where the shots land). While the stats show that the burst does less damage, if the player’s accuracy is high one tap can down a player depending on how many shots land on the head and what the opponent’s shield and health levels are.


Just like the assault rifle, the burst rifle holds 30 rounds per magazine. However, it’s important to note that the burst rifle uses 3 rounds per shot and thus burns through ammo much faster.


Regarding accuracy at long distances, the spread of the 3-round burst gets wider and wider the farther you shoot. Furthermore, due to the 3-round burst players cannot spray with the burst rifle.  For players new to the game, the burst rifle will be much harder to use. However, that’s precisely the reason why I recommend the burst for beginners. The inaccuracy of the burst rifle forces players to become more accurate. Simply, the burst rifle teaches players how to aim properly.

The Verdict

The Burst  Rifle needs to pop a mini

assault rifle

While the burst rifle wins in terms of overall damage ability, the assault rifle is far more superior at long range. Even if players have good enough aim to compensate for the spread of the 3-round burst, at long distances only the first shot will land where aimed. The spread makes the following 2 shots unpredictable. The assault rifle wins in terms of capacity and accuracy, making it the go-to rifle second only to the SCAR. However, for those new to Fortnite: Battle Royale, the burst rifle is highly recommended to teach players the aiming mechanics of the game.


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