The Journey Begins



GameVersusGame seeks to pit the best and most popular games against each other, both retro and new-gen, triple A and indie. Reviews consider: story, gameplay, graphics, audio, and everything in between. In addition to reviews, GameVersusGame publishes tips, guides, and feature articles on everything gaming.

Why do this?

Competition breeds greatness. Pitting games, developers, and publishers against each other forces people to do better and as a result, the gaming industry will only strengthen and so will our gaming experiences.

At GameVersusGame our reviews are subjective based on objective facts, as everyone’s gaming experience is different, players connect to games in different ways. Our reviews seek to light a fire under players to speak out and voice their opinion. Our reviews are not scripture, but rather a starting point for discussion. We aim to write the controversial, words that will make some players pound their chests in agreement and others scream blasphemy in defiance. Disagree with something we publish? Good. Tell us why.

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